A: How was your vacation, Nina?

B: It was great! I did all kinds of stuff. How was yours?

A: Mine was great too. I also did a lot of different things.

B: Like what?

A: Well, I stayed at a farmhouse near Chicago for a couple of days.

B: Really? Wasn’t it cold?

A: Sure was. I had to wear some extra sweaters. But it was a lot of fun. They had a lot of cows, and some farmers even still ride horse and buggies!

B: Wow! Imagine that.

A: I also went to the Lincoln Museum in Springfield. They had everything about Lincoln’s life of course, and they also had a hologram show. It looked totally real.

B: Cool. I’d like to see some holograms. I stayed by the beach for a week. It was cold too, but the fish was delicious.


Listen to the rest of the conversation and answer the questions:

1) Besides fish, what else do they eat where Nina stayed?

2) Do you like seafood? What kinds of seafood do you like?


Your hometown. Did you have a good Spring Vacation? What did you do?

Write five things about your hometown. Make one of them a lie.




My hometown is Chicago. One of these is a lie. Which one is it?

1) Chicago is next to a big lake. It is so big that you cannot see across it and it looks like the sea.

2) President Obama’s career was in Chicago.

3) My family lives in Chicago city, not in the suburbs.

4) The city of Chicago is famous for museums and pizzas.

5) Many immigrants live in Chicago.

Class Activity Sheets