Final Exam: Online Test 2018-19 ‘Narwhal’ (独角鲸)

The name of the final exam is NARWHAL (独角鲸)

NARWHAL: final exam 2018-19

The final exam at a glance:

  • Forty questions (36 numbered): multiple choice, matrix, and fill in the blank. Fill in the blank questions are case and punctuation sensitive.
  • This questions will be drawn from four categories: reductions, intonation, pronunciation, and idioms.
  • This is an open test. You may consult classmates, study materials, and the Internet. To discourage copying questions and answers are randomized from a large pool. Further, questions are designed to be challenging and all exams scores will benefit from an upward curve if the average score is low.
  • Every student has 90 minutes to complete the exam. The exam may be taken for a total of three times, and the highest score will be recorded. Classes have ten days in which to complete the exam.
  • The current schedule for the exam is 2019/01/07-2019/01/13 at 11:59 p.m. This schedule is subject to change.


  • 期末考试一目了然:
  • 四十个问题:多重选择,矩阵,填补空白。填空题中的空格和标点都是敏感的。
  • 这个问题将分为四类:减法、语调、发音和习语。
  • 这是一个开放测试。你可以咨询同学、学习材料和互联网。为了防止抄袭,问题和答案都是从大的池中随机抽取的。此外,问题的设计是具有挑战性的,如果平均分数较低,所有考试分数都将受益于向上曲线。
  • 每个学生有90分钟的时间完成考试。考试共三次,成绩最高者予以记录。课堂上有十天的时间来完成考试。
  • 目前的考试时间表是2019/01/07至2019/01/14,晚上11:59。此时间表可能会更改。

NOTE: A delay in audio is normal. Please be patient. If you cannot hear the audio:

-clear your browser cache (清除浏览器缓存)
-restart your phone (重新启动手机)
-use a different web browser (使用其他网络浏览器)
-use the school’s library computers or the library WIFI (使用学校的图书馆计算机或图书馆WiFi)
-borrow a classmate’s phone (借同学的手机)
-if nothing works contact me (如果什么都不起作用,联系哈丁教师)

Everything you need to successfully complete this exam is on the web page.

You can find the answer to any of the questions by searching through the compiled language materials on 

Memorizing will not help you with this exam. You will have to think through problems and confirm your conclusions by searching through the website. The website provides a mini-library of linguistic information on spoken English. Contact fellow students or me if you need help finding answers. Good luck!

成功完成本次考试所需的一切都在http://pearlriver translate.com_的网页上。

您可以通过在http://pearlriver translate.com_上搜索已编译的语言材料来找到任何问题的答案。

Suggestions and thoughts for taking this exam:

Cooperation and teamwork is encouraged in this course. Please feel free to work with your fellow classmates when taking the exam. 
It is hoped that the exam is NOT to test your memory but your ability to solve problems by using various resources, including this web page. It is hoped that students don’t merely recognize what they have learned but actually increase their knowledge, awareness, and skills in spoken English through the process of analyzing the exam problems. 
This is an online computer test. Students’ smart phones are also computers and almost all of them have the full functionality required to take this exam. If a student wants to take the exam in place where there is no WIFI available, note that the test is very light on memory and the cost of taking the test is minimal. Students may also access the library to take the test, as free WIFI is provided. In the event that a student’s phone has trouble interfacing with the online exam, it is perfectly acceptable to use a friend’s phone. Students may also take this exam on the computers in the library. Some students may prefer this for the large sized monitors that the library provides. Finally, if students are fortunate enough to possess a lap top computer, they are encouraged to use it.
If a student experiences any technical problems in taking the exam, the number one rule is DON’T PANIC. The goal is not necessarily to find out what the problem is but to successfully take the exam again. In the very rare case that a student has multiple problems even after consulting with me (WeChat id. GCP 英语口语), the case shall be dealt with fairly. 



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