Final Exam: Presentations, 12-2018 FAQ

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The Final exam for Oral English is somewhat different than other exams. Firstly, because of the need to test communication skills, but with many students and little time to to test evaluate your skills, we will hold presentations given by each group. The presentations will extend over a two to three period, and the speaking time for each student will be around five minutes. There are two parts and four sub-parts that determine your final grade in this course:

I. Final Exam (60% of grade)
      a) Multiple choice exam delivered on computer (60% of final exam grade)
      b) Presentation (40% of final exam grade)
II. Participation
      a) Completion of the quizzes given throughout the term (60% of participation grade)
      b) Attendance (40% of participation grade)

NOTE: This post is an FAQ for the Presentation Section only! The section for the multiple choice final exam will be posted in a timely manner.





I. b) Presentations:

The presentations will be held from Week 17- Week 19.


Groups or pairs shall give the presentation. The presentation topics should be in the form of a discussion; a lecture; a ‘how to’; or a lighter and perhaps personal topic. The group may choose to use a PPT, video clips, songs or other media, or (the most challenging option) rely on no media at all. Students may use notes, and help each other with dialogue, but they may not read from a book. The language must be original, summarized, or paraphrased. The presentation will be given at the front of the class.


Suggestions for topics:

Of course you are free to choose your topics. Here are some suggestions for topics:

Heavier Topics

    • The environment
    • Education 
    • Civic duties
    • Communications
    • Human relationships


Lighter topics

  • A ‘how to’ (a recipe, how to study, etc.)
  • Friendship
  • Your group’s hometown or high school
  • Your dream job
  • Travel




  • 环境
  • 教育学
  • 公民责任
  • 通信
  • 人际关系


  • “如何”(食谱,学习方法等)
  • 友谊
  • 你们组的家乡或高中
  • 你理想的工作
  • 旅行

Hints for speaking:
Many students will be understandably be nervous. Most people, including me, are nervous. In fact, I can become very nervous! This condition is called ‘performance anxiety’ and it is normal. You are not alone!

Here are some points to remember:

-breathe deeply
-Even if you are nervous, speak from your stomach and lungs, not just your lips
-Look out at your classmates
– If you forget, say, ‘I’m sorry, I forgot. Just a moment please.’
-Practice your speaking at least three times before the presentation.
-Choose a topic you know about
-Use lots of pictures
-Make good use of the Internet or encyclopedias to get information
-Use a famous quote to set the theme of your presentation
-Work together as a team




If you have any questions or don’t know what to do, please contact me through WeChat. 


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