Important! Final Grade Checklist

O.K. Let’s keep it simple! Here are the four things you need for a good grade.

  1. Attendance. Contact me if you missed more than six classes. Contact me if you have a different student number (you changed majors).
  2. Participation. Participation is measured by completion of the FOUR QUIZZES. If you missed them, take them now. BE SURE TO WRITE YOUR CORRECT STUDENT NUMBER ON ALL QUIZZES.
  3. Presentation. If you participated in presentations, you will be fine. If you want to try again, please contact me.
  4. Final Exam. To get a good score on the final exam, study this web page thoroughly. All of the answers to the exam can be found here, although you may have to look for them and the answer may not be obvious. It is possible to score 100! The exam is difficult and you probably won’t score 100 however, but your score will be averaged with everyone else, so don’t worry if you feel that you did not do well. BE SURE TO WRITE YOUR CORRECT STUDENT NUMBER ON THE FINAL EXAM.

Remember this web page is for students, not for me of course. If you have been paying attention this term and keeping up-to-date on the web page, the final exam will be easy. If you haven’t, you will probably have an uphill battle. Good luck!


1) 出席。如果你错过六节课以上,请联系我。如果你有不同的学生编号(例如,如果你改变专业),请联系我。

2) 参与。参与度是通过完成四个测验来衡量的。如果你错过了,现在就把他们带走。确保在所有测验中写下正确的学生编号。

3) 演示。如果你参加了演讲,你会很好的。如果您想再试一次,请与我联系。

4) 期末考试。为了在期末考试中取得好成绩,请仔细研究这个网页。考试的所有答案都可以在这里找到,尽管你可能需要寻找答案,答案可能并不明显。可能得100分!考试很难,但你可能得不到100分,但你的分数将与其他人平均,因此,如果你觉得自己做得不好,不要担心。一定要在期末考试上写下正确的学生编号。


Important Pages (重要网页):

And finally, don’t forget the final exam!


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