Speech Recognition and Dictation Software 语音识别与听写软件

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The above tutorial shows how to use WeChat’s Voice Input function. It is very handy because you can use it to test your spoken English and for everyday English practice. It is good as a diagnostic tool for improving pronunciation problems you may have in English. Finally, it is sometimes better than a voice message because others cannot hear your voice and it gives you more privacy. In this tutorial, I used my own account which gives me privacy to practice without other people seeing the results.

How can you use speech recognition on WeChat? While it is too limited to practice speeches or long readings, it is great for practicing difficult to pronounce words,  trying out tongue twisters, and especially for practicing the reduced speech patterns that will make you sound like a native speaker!

Just remember that although WeChat’s add-on is quite good, it makes mistakes too- sometimes it is the software that is wrong, not you. If you can’t decide if it is the software or your speech that is inaccurate, you can try the same word or words in different sentences.

Finally, this is my Huawei Honor 7x. Your phone and WeChat may look different. Your software and microphone may not be as up to date as mine. If you have an older phone, your WeChat may not have speech recognition. In that case, there are other apps that you can still use for recognition.