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Send your scholastic and academic papers to us for proofreading and editing. We have 30 years of experience helping researchers and students successfully publish papers and achieve their goals.

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Welcome to the Planet Proofreaders publishing house. I'm Philip Harding, editor, and I have more than 35 years of experience in proofreading, editing, and publishing. Planet specializes in scholastic, academic, and research papers, but we are skillful in handling just about any type of literature that requires proofreading, and we are well-connected with knowledgable translators as well. Good proofreading services can be complicated, but at Planet we have streamlined the process, offering reliable service with skill and flair. Our process is simple: send us a copy of your paper or project for evaluation (read-only copies recommended for your protection), and we will send you an estimate for both the price and the deadline. Upon your go-ahead, corrections and improvements to your work will begin! We guarantee that upon completion we will answer any questions and make any adjustments free of charge until you are happy with your work. 

Our GREEN Discounts!

At Planet Proofreading we are dedicated to sustainable energy, ‘No or Low’ carbon footprints,, energy saving logistics, officient recycling, and humane labor policies. We are a green agency, promote green policy, and reward scholors and researchers by offering a 10% discount on proofreading. Papers that promote green policy will also enjoy preferential treatment. Join the Green movement today and fight for the planet’s future!

I write for students, researchers, and professionals. My clients include scientists, professors, doctors, government officials and college and high school students. I help students get better grades, pass tests, and acquire knowledge. I help professionals enhance their careers by helping them succeed in publishing or giving quality presentations.

  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Content review
  • Rewriting

On average, these are the areas I work in and the amount of time I devote to them as a porportion. I do not ghostwrite as a rule, but I can and do extensive rewriting where it is called for. I hope my cliients take the time to study my rewrites so that their writing might improve. I’m always happy to go over with clients my editing and the reasons for the changes I make.

In the digital age, good writing is remains essential and will always be so. In whatever field a person is in, writing with style gets you heard.

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“Our essays were accepted! Next step is TOEFL and we’re on our way to study in college in California, USA as English majors. After reviewing our proofread papers, we have gained the confidence to compose on our own.” -High School Seniors in Vientiane, Laos