Real English, Every Class!

SPEAKING THE FUTURE! Welcome freshmen students to GCP! In this course, we examine all aspects of English phonology, including pronunciation, intonation, reductions, blends, and links. We will study formal speech, casual speech, idioms, and slang. We will learn realistic dialogues and you will learn how to create your own. By the end of the course, your hearing will be much improved and I hope your speaking will be too. You will also be challenged to engage in conversation, to improve your pronunciation and speaking skills, and to become a better student overall in the art of spoken English. Further, this course aims to widen your perspective through cross-cultural studies on different topics. Good luck!

Speaking the Future!欢迎新生到GCP!在这门课中,我们将研究英语音韵学的各个方面,包括发音、语调、还原、混合和链接。我们将学习正式的演讲、非正式的演讲、成语和俚语。在课程结束的时候,我希望你的听力和口语能得到提高!我的建议是你挑战自己说出来,参与对话,提高你的发音和语调,成为一个更好的学生在口语艺术的整体。最后,语言是文化,所以通过学习语言我们可以更好地了解世界各地的人们。

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